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Authorized Distributors

Shared Commitment to Provide Value to Customers

The Allen-Bradley? authorized distributor network offers exceptional knowledge and service that helps you design, implement, and support your automation investment.

Partnering for Your Automation Investment

Authorized distributors partner with Rockwell Automation to provide automation sophistication, electrical supply chain management, and world-class local support.

Solid partnering with our authorized distributors start with a shared commitment to provide superior value to customers. You receive comprehensive management of your electrical supply inventory, extensive training for your people, and quantifiable cost savings. This service provides you with the available time to focus on your core competencies and sharpen your competitive edge.

Benefits of the Authorized Distributor Network

Address Challenges and Provide Solutions

  • System configuration for Integrated Architecture? systems and components that work together
  • Customer training program for support to strengthen your knowledge
  • Commissioning support for affordable service that gets your application or plant up and running quickly
  • Supply chain solutions to make business operations more efficient

Access to Knowledge and Expertise

  • Industry experience for extensive knowledge of key vertical industries for local markets
  • Technical consultants focused on industrial and automation applications
  • Automation specialists with expertise in machine, line, process, and plant-wide control and data integration
  • Technical and commercial resources aimed at solving business challenges

Access to Products, Services, and People

  • Local inventory matched to address customer needs
  • Local support for service you need, when you need it, wherever you are
  • Flexible order entry for easy access to the products you need at a distributor near you
  • Complimentary lines to provide complete electrical solutions
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